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 Mob: 0781 44 55 483                                            Newsletter 23 October 2019





A new school term finds Outburst ready and raring to go! We have been lucky with the weather so far and even managed to have the go-cart in use, as well as toasting marshmallows for the final time this year. Outdoors we have put up swings and monkey bars, by popular request. Indoors the hairdresser's salon is frequented by boys and girls alike and staff are given a stylish makeover, fitting for an evening out. Chess is still going strong with challenges from the children to parents and staff - you certainly need your wits about you to survive the game. Our reception children have settled well into Outburst and are joining in with all the activities. Pulling the trolleys full of schoolbags is a favourite task with the younger children and we have just purchased some lightweight trolleys to make the job easier.

With health issues at the forefront of the news, we are mindful of the food we serve including the amount of toast given for seconds after the snack, even though we use 50/50 bread. It's not always easy as the children are hungry afetr a day at school. I you have any worries or ideas, please let us know. Our weekly menu is displayed on the Club's notice board. Towards a healthy lifestyle, physical activities are our strong point with outdoor play taken up by many childrenevery day, unless it's pouring with rain. When the snow arrives, we're looking forward to sledge rides, snowball fights and building snowmen.

Ex-Outburst children continue to visit and to volunteer with us and they are surprised with the preparation needed to make an enjoyable club. They are a great asset. It is a pleasure to report that all the staff are now qualified - we hope it shows!