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Newsletter 20 October 2017

Dear Children & Parents

We have found ourselves with a long gap since our last Newsletter - having the staff bandaged up and out of action could be one reason.

It has been a great year for playing out in dry sunny weather and the Outburst climbing frame remains the most popular outdoor activity.

We had two play additions from our ex-parents last year; one the home made climbing wall, used on a daily basis and a real boost for children to gain confidence when they start to climb the tree. The second, some wooden kitchen play units which have progressed our outside mud kitchen from just pans and containers to proper meals made in the kitchen. All kinds of food particularly pizzas and chocolates made to order. A third addition, from Outburst itself, is a dedicated gymnastics pole - from the purchase of a scaffolding pole - which has meant that gymnastics can take place at the same time as football.

Contributions in the Outburst ideas box gave us some requests from the children for future activities; many asked for pets of all shapes and sizes but unfortunately, this is not possible due to several reasons; another was a larger football net and we hope to fulfill the request when we can.

Please use our web site contact page to let us know of any requests you may have.

The cargo net draped over the climbing poles was great for both climbing and using as a hammock for social group relaxation. Digging for treasures in the mud trenches is ongoing and plenty of the finds are taken home to the delight of our parents! Indoors the recent scary buscuit baking activity used black and green colouring for spider, scull and pumpkin templates. As well as our specific weekly activities list displayed on the noticeboard, indoors we have a writing/drawing table, a whiteboard/blackboard and an active zone - usually football but sometimes cricket or dodgeball - every day

We said goodbye to our year 6 leavers in the summer with trademark BBQs and toasting marshmallows - it is great to report that some have rejoined us as volunteers. We welcomed our new children in September. All have settled in well and the early years children show promise of having good fun and trying everything Outburst has to offer.